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English is not a mother tongue for most of the bloggers - this does not mean you should stop writing. Also sometime bloggers will struck with mind block of writing content not easily understandable by others. Here is a free online article rewriter tool which will helps you to reassemble your sentences using perfect English words. This will improve the readability and user experience of your readers thus increasing the SEO ranking as well.

Paste (Ctrl + V) your article below then click Submit to watch this article rewriter do it's thing!

Purpose of This Tool

Article rewriter tool shall be used in the following situations:

  • When you feel your sentences are not proper.
  • You struck up with correct English word.
  • Your content is not in a readable format.
  • Your readability score is very low.
  • There are grammar mistakes in your content.

You can easily update all old articles on your site with article rewriter tools to have a fresh look.

What You Shouldn't Do?

Avoid doing the following things with this tool:

  • Copy content from some other sites and rewrite.
  • Rewrite your own content and publish as a new article.
Remember republishing the content whether it is your own or copied from other site will result in penalty from search engines. So don't do this at any cost even some freelancers and SEO companies offer this as a service.

How to Use This Tools?

Paste the content on the text box and hit enter or submit button. You will see the rewritten article in the same text box. Copy and use it for your purpose. Once you rewrite the article using this tool, review and adjust the article to make it proper. After all this tool will regenerate the article with simple logic, which may not be perfect for all readers.

Content Writing

Content writing is a skill generally consume lot of time for research, keyword analysis, preparing images and writing content. There are many publishing tools available to make your task easy. Content of your site decides the ranking on Google and hence the success of your online life. Unfortunately it is not possible to write all content needed for your site with your own hands. Especially when your site grows in size, there will be other backup and administration activities to focus on. Select reliable freelancers or pemanet employees to work with you to ahieve your goals.

The Article Rewriter tool offered here is a very basic tool which will spin the words and replace the words with similar meaning words. This is no way to be used as a primary content writing tool. 

How to Select Freelancers?

There are two ways you can interview and select the freelancers for your site.

1. Use Freelancing Site

Register on Upwork, or any other freelancer sites. Create your job postings with clear details and budget. Interested people will bid with the quote to get the task from you.

Hiring Content Writers from Upwork

You can chat with them online and align the tasks before offer them the project. 

2. Through Job Posting On Your Site

If you don't want to go for freelancers the alternate option is to recruit employees for your blog. This is an effective method if you run a registered business and want to build content on regular basis. Prepare clear job posting page on your site and use advertising to attract people to apply. This is may cost you more than hiring a freelancer but you can get quality and unique content.