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301 redirects are used to permanently move the page URL to another URL, similarly 302 redirects are used to do the same temporarily. When you have a larger site, it is common to change the page URL over the period of time. Following are some of the reasons for settings up redirects for an URL: 

  • You may change the URLs for better SEO
  • You want to modify the content and hence change the URL to accommodate the keywords
  • You may be changing the hosting platform which needs the extension change. For example, .html to no extension or .php
  • Redirect www and non-www versions of a site
  • Redirect sub-domain or sub-directory to another domain

In all the scenarios, it is mandatory to setup 301 redirect so that the popularity of the old links are not given up. People clicking on the old links will be taken to your new URL automatically with the proper 301 redirect setup.

Redirect Checker

Our free redirect checker tool will help to easily check the 301 or 302 redirects work successfully. You can just enter any URL and hit submit button to see the status of the redirects on a page. Good status indicates everything is fine and search engines should be able to crawl the final redirected page.

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